our vision

'To help Cambridge be, and be seen as, the world’s
leading innovation ecosystem’.

'To help Cambridge be, and be seen as, the world’s
leading innovation ecosystem’.

What Is Cambridge&

Cambridge& is a not-for-profit company. We incorporated in 2020 and plan to launch formally in 2021.

Our aim is to attract the highest quality individuals and organisations in the knowledge intensive industries from around the globe into our ecosystem.

Our key roles are to:

  • Promote and support the sustainable growth of Greater Cambridge
  • Serve and collaborate with the existing networks and stakeholders by identifying and pursuing globally minded innovation, science and technology businesses to set up or grow in Cambridge, attracting those firms that complement and strengthen the ecosystem, enhancing the Quality of Life of the region

Cambridge& is formally supported by the University of Cambridge and the Greater Cambridge Partnership. Its creation has been developed through deep collaboration with key business organisations, academia and the civic community. It has seen the drawing together of each crucial segment of our ecosystem in support of Cambridge&.

The consequences are expected to be many fold - increasing high quality international investment and encouraging a larger pool of significant talent and skills. Crucially, given the unique nature of Cambridge, our success will benefit all those living and working in the region, and the wider UK economy.

We work collaboratively with many established networks in the ecosystem. We aim to promote a model example of a coordinated, outward, globally facing Cambridge, celebrating the pride we have in our ecosystem and the diversity of our talent.

For further information please contact:

Harriet Fear, Director Cambridge&