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We have an exceptional advanced manufacturing cluster here which accelerates the development of the supply chain and growth of the sector.

We have an exceptional advanced manufacturing cluster here which accelerates the development of the supply chain and growth of the sector.


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An exceptional hub of manufacturing and engineering

We have exceptional hubs of manufacturing and engineering, which benefit from the science and research capabilities of the region, as well as excellent national and international transport links. There are approximately 2,659 manufacturing businesses in our ecosystem, with the majority, unsurprisingly, located around Greater Cambridge (as well as Peterborough). Possessing a number of high value manufacturers, leading in industries such as pharmaceuticals, robotics and electronics, connecting into the businesses in our ecosystem is a hugely effective method of developing the high value sectors. With significant strengths in research supporting the development of the sector, we are continuously welcoming new businesses and developing local supply chains.

With an established research and education infrastructure, which includes the University of Cambridge, the College of West Anglia Cambridge campus, and TWI (The Welding Institute), there is a strong skills supply chain.

Cambridge has a world leading economy focusing around life sciences, software development and electronics. We are home to global companies including AstraZeneca, Huawei and ARM technologies.

Key assets include


  • Energy@Cambridge is an interdisciplinary research centre based at the University of Cambridge, designed to bring together the work of over 250 academics to tackle the technical and intellectual challenges relating to energy, technology and policy.
  • Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre (CNEC) is run by the University of Cambridge's Department of Engineering and in conjunction with the Judge Business School (JBS), and the Departments of Physics, Materials Science and Metallurgy, and Earth Sciences. CNEC is aimed at meeting the demand for highly skilled workers in the field of nuclear energy.
  • Cambridge Energy Partners is a company bringing together a diverse international team in Cambridge, producing the world’s first prefabricated and movable solar tracker.
  • The Cambridge University Energy Network (CUEN) is a special interest group based at the University of Cambridge with members in faculties including the Department of Engineering and the Judge Business School.


  • Founded in 1534, Cambridge University Press is the second largest University press in the world. Recognised internationally as a leader in academic educational publishing and responsible for generating over £300m in revenue in 2018, the Cambridge University Press employs over 2000 people.
  • The Inkjet Research Centre is part of the Institute for Manufacturing based at the University of Cambridge. Areas of research include fluid mechanics, visualisation, analysis and computation to study jet and drop creation, drop flight and drop/surface interaction. With the global Inkjet market growing at 9.4% year on year and set to pass £100bn by 2023, research carried out by the Inkjet Research Centre is likely to prove invaluable in the coming years.
  • Domino Printing Sciences is a printing company based in Bar Hill, focussing on printing, codes, serialisation and anti-counterfeiting. Catering to a wide range of industrial printing applications, Domino printing services is at the cutting edge of high-quality printing technology.


  • Welch’s Transport is a growing company founded in 1934 with a firm foundation in Cambridge. Based in Cambridge, Welch’s transport has expanded from haulage into specialist scientific and laboratory removals, crane hire, warehousing and truck and van centres.
  • Turners Distribution, another long established transport company based in Soham for over 80 years, runs over 1850 vehicles from 32 sites around the UK. Specialisms include temperature-controlled transport and warehousing, container logistics, bulk building powder products, food products both liquid and dry, fuel distribution, fruit produce picking, packing, storage and distribution, frozen and chilled storage and added value services.
  • Stansted Airport lies within a 30-mile radius of Cambridge allowing strong links abroad. Cambridge International Airport is predominantly used for Aerospace and Defence business as well as the Cambridge AeroClub pilot training and flight experience business.

  • Marshall Motor Group is one of the largest motor dealer networks in the UK. With over 106 dealerships, it represents 26 motor brands, including: BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford and Vauxhall. Marshall Motor Group operates 8 dealerships in Cambridge and has headquarters at Cambridge International Airport.
  • Vindis Group is a motor dealer group originally founded in the village of Sawston, just south of Cambridge. Now headquartered in Huntingdon, Vindis group has since expanded and now operates a network of 21 centres in and around Cambridge.
  • Hexcel is a global leader in Advanced Composites Technology, producing carbon fibre reinforcements and resin systems. It is the world leader in honeycomb manufacturing for the commercial aerospace industry.

Telecoms, computing and electronics

  • Arm Holdings is a multinational semiconductor and software design company, listed by Forbes as the 12th most innovative company in the world in 2016. Arm currently has a market penetration of 90% in mobile application processors, 10% in automotive processors and 35% in consumer electronics including desktop PCs. Arm’s broadening influence in Artificial Intelligence and automotive processors offers a great deal of potential.
  • CMR Surgical are innovating in the electronics sector by developing advanced surgical robotics to cater to the healthcare industry.

  • Granta Automation is a bespoke robotics and automation company that is offering companies a means to: improve productivity, reduce labour costs, increase efficiency, reduce plant downtime, expedite throughput and raise production speeds, reduce costs and increase accuracy and repeatability. They achieve this by offering a tailored automation system and cutting-edge robotics technology.
  • Zettlex provides original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs") with inductive encoders that can provide absolute and accurate positioning even in extreme operating environments. Zettlex won the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2017 and for International Trade in 2018.