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Explore what makes Cambridge the right place to grow a successful business.

Explore what makes Cambridge the right place to grow a successful business.

Knowledge discovery

The foundation of success in Cambridge is great people doing great things. Within the Universities, research institutes, commercial research and development centres and start-ups, teams are working to push back the boundaries of knowledge. This culture of knowledge discovery comes with a shared confidence to tackle and solve global challenges.


Cambridge attracts the brightest and best from around the world to study and work, creating a growing pool of high calibre talent. As an example, more than 4,000 postdoctoral early career researchers from 90 countries work at the University of Cambridge and its Partner Institutes. To complement their technical skill development, researchers and professionals in Cambridge have access to a rich offer of professional development opportunities provided by membership networks and educational institutions, including the Judge Business School.


Businesses need physical space to work and grow. Cambridge offers a broad range of premises, from flexible co-working spaces, up to purpose-built research laboratories and offices on science and business parks around our ecosystem. Outside work, Cambridge residents benefit from a vibrant city and surrounding area, with a diverse population, green space and transport links to London and Europe.


Early-stage innovation in Cambridge is supported by a group of venture capital and angel investors, as well as specialist firms offering technical, legal, intellectual property management, human resources, accounting and marketing services.

Connected ecosystem

The culture of open innovation and collaboration in Cambridge is driven and sustained by multiple professional and non-professional networks, bringing people together to forge connections and drive progress in their chosen fields.